Let's meet between heaven and earth.
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New and known

Our property is supported by a sustainable philosophy. To safeguard this philosophy, we have preserved the historical walls that give this property its original charm and tell tales of times in the distant past.

We took great care to extend and restore the original hunting lodge. The renovations look like they have always been there. For example, we used locally grown wood in the vintage building when converting the second and third floors back in 2015. Modern technologies also found their way in, enabling us to take the next steps towards sustainability. Heat and cosiness, for example, are now guaranteed by large solar panels and a wood pellet heating system, which is fuelled entirely by local resources. The beauty of nature is not just revealed in the garden but is reflected in the beautiful things inside the building, as the flowers that adorn our halls come from the Fragsburg Soul Garden and the surrounding meadows. Equally, the herbs picked in the garden are an important component in our tinctures and ointments in the Healing Spa. Plastic packaging is just as out of place here as the in in-room amenities such as spa bags and toiletries which are normally found in spa hotel bathrooms.

Fragsburg cuisine

At the Fragsburg Soul Garden right next door, we grow in collaboration with the Youth Service of Merano fruits, vegetables and herbs for our restaurant and the Alchemistic Healing Spa. For more diversity and authenticity in our gourmet cuisine, we also work with producers and farmers from the local area. And if that weren’t enough, we are also striving to make the restaurant zero waste. Many of our suppliers also work and produce with a focus on avoiding waste, meaning many of their containers can be reused.

People and nature

We appreciate and love the beauty and uniqueness of the nature that surrounds us. Hence we want to familiarise our guests with this and preserve it for future generations. We are also bringing our employees along on this journey, educating them and increasing awareness. The cooperation and communication with local farmers and producers smooth the way for a sustainable future. Our guests not only take home fairytale memories, but also their newfound awareness of nature.

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