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Restaurant Prezioso

Prezioso - the Fragsburg’s gourmet restaurant, Merano
Prezioso - the Fragsburg’s gourmet restaurant, Merano

We offer Michelin-starred moments of happiness for genuine connoisseurs who appreciate loving, sensual indulgence and a place where the authenticity of the produce is savoured in healthy, revitalising dishes.

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Gourmet restaurant in Merano

Many years of experience and inspiring work at internationally renowned restaurants led the chef Egon Heiss from the Sarentino valley back to his deeply anchored roots. And so, he chooses down-to-earth recipes passed down through the generations as a starting point for his healthy creations. With passion and stylish sophistication, he turns fresh ingredients from the Fragsburg Soul Garden, produce delivered from organic farms and heirloom varieties from the South Tyrolean earth into award-winning, healthy and pure delicacies like no other. With a focus on regionality, quality and health, diners delight in the carefully composed burst of colour, freshness and exquisite aroma of our tasting menu. Paired with the ambiance of the restaurant, this could be considered a veritable elixir of life for the senses. At Prezioso, we compose a symphony of delicious delicacies and atmospheric flair in the glass loggia intertwined with roses and Virginia creepers and on the gourmet loge on the wooden terrace. The exquisite, predominantly Italian and South Tyrolean wines from our wine cellar accentuate the five-course, 1 Michelin Star menu with their subtle nuances.

Prezioso - the Fragsburg’s gourmet restaurant, Merano
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