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The history of a charming luxury hotel in Merano
Castel Fragsburg Maternum
was built in 1624
has been owned by the family
for four generations
Fragsburg Maternum
and Paternum
The history of a charming luxury hotel in Merano

It’s not just the walls of Castel Fragsburg that reveal its long-standing history. Every single piece of furniture holds a little piece of our establishment’s soul and embodies refined simplicity.

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The history of the Fragsburg hotel in Merano

Built as a hunting lodge in 1624, the property holds the spirit of a bygone era and is bursting with historical charm and touching experiences. From the very beginning, stories were not just told but experienced here. In 1954, ownership of the Castel Fragsburg Maternum transferred to the Ortner family. With great subtlety and a flair for the essential things in life, the family succeeded in transporting the vintage building into the present, bit by bit, while also honouring and reviving traditions and having an open-minded view about what was to come. Alexander Ortner and his sons are the third and fourth generations of the family to run the establishment and are now tasked with leading Castel Fragsburg into the future, which they do successfully. With the purchase of the Castel Fragsburg Paternum, the castle on the mighty clifftop from the 14th century, the Ortner family has reunited the two buildings that originally belonged together. 

The most gripping stories are often inspired by real life. Take the story of Pluto, for instance, a majestic ibex who lived in the Fragsburg castle garden. He mated with a goat and fathered several tiny offspring who loved to sleep in the trees. He died of natural causes a long time ago, but his figurehead can still be seen high up on the façade of the Fragsburg, where he keeps constant watch. He is the guardian of the Fragsburg. His story is inextricably linked to Castel Fragsburg and the Ortner family.

The history of a charming luxury hotel in Merano The history of a charming luxury hotel in Merano The history of a charming luxury hotel in Merano
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