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From farm to table

Completely natural with no chemical agents, varieties of vegetables, fruits and herbs and genuine classics grow alongside a choice selection of specialties here. A whopping 26 varieties of tomatoes thrive alongside aromatic root vegetables, juicy berries and firm and fresh fruits and vegetables. The fragrance and aroma of this produce are captured in the dishes created at our Gourmet Restaurant Prezioso and on the half-board menu every evening – from farm to table.

Fragsburg Soul Garden

Grounded diversity. Exquisite varieties. Flavourful quality. “Why wander far and wide?” was our thought, so we are now dedicated to cultivating our Fragsburg Soul Garden. The fertile South Tyrolean soil provides a whole field of aromas and ingredients for our gourmet cuisine and the sensational Alchemistic Healing Spa Castellum Natura. As an arena of life and growth, the Soul Garden imparts its knowledge of the fragile balance between people and nature upon us.

Healing Spa Castellum Natura

The herbs and blossoms picked in the Merano sunshine, planted directly in the Soul Garden to meet only the highest standards, form the basis for many essences and mixtures used in our Castellum Natura spa. Picked and processed by Renate De Mario Gamper, an expert in modern alchemy and herbal medicine, they have been known to have long-lasting effects.

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