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Renate De Mario

Castel Fragsburg: hotel and spa in Merano, South Tyrol
The 1st Alchemistic
Healing Spa
Natural healing
Castel Fragsburg: hotel and spa in Merano, South Tyrol

Hand-picked from the Fragsburg Soul Garden or collected from the Alpine countryside, the effects of the herbs, blossoms, roots and more unfurl at the Healing Spa Castellum Natura.

The hotel Castel Fragsburg with alchemistic spa

Modern alchemist and natural healing expert Renate De Mario Gamper comes from a long line of women who believe in natural healing. She prepares all the beauty elixirs made of hand-picked flowers and herbs used at the Castellum Natura, the 1st Alchemistic Healing Spa. Her profound knowledge of the variety and effects of medicinal plants and herbs forms the core of our Castellum Natura Spa. The art of alchemistic living is based on understanding and harnessing the power of nature and has found a home here at Castel Fragsburg.

The expert in natural healing, incense and holistic nutrition combines the healing knowledge of her ancestors and the medieval polymath Hildegard von Bingen, the latest findings from science and energy medicine and her unconditional love and reverence of Mother Earth and her gifts. Renate is a firm believer that “nature holds all the secrets to healing, well-being and a long, fulfilled life”. She offers guests courses and can take them on a ‘biophilia expedition’. This way, everybody can discover the healing effects of nature and learn about the practical basis for various possible uses for native medicinal plants as health-related or culinary delicacies. Renate will also offer free health and beauty advice to guests.

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