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Guests can follow in the footsteps of the former local rulers on an indulgent stroll and find their own favourite spots and atmospheric retreats. 

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Castel Fragsburg, the 5-star hotel, was used as a hunting lodge for the lords of the nearby castle on the mighty clifftop, which nowadays we call affectionately Castel Fragsburg Paternum. Built in the 14th century by Otto von Auer and his wife Katharina, in the following years both properties were bought and sold several times. With the purchase of the Castel Fragsburg Paternum, the Ortner family has reunited the two buildings that originally belonged together. The picturesque path winds from the Maternum up to the late Gothic castle, whose courtyard is carved out of bedrock.

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The historical castle is the perfect venue for large festivities. Surrounded by a huge garden, your event could begin here with an aperitif against a grandiose backdrop. Celebrate like royalty in the wood-panelled knight’s halls with their magnificent chandeliers. 

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