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Yoga hotel South Tyrol : Castel Fragsburg***** Merano
The harmony of body, mind and soul
Private lessons from 120 €
in the medieval castle or the fairytale garden
Yoga hotel South Tyrol : Castel Fragsburg***** Merano

Body and mind in harmony, equally beautified. Discovering your inner essence, developing your highest individual potential, this is the purpose of yoga.
The treatments of our Healing Spa

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Yoga hotel South Tyrol: Castel Fragsburg***** Merano

During a yoga session in group or on your own you may experience the wondrous power of nature in the Fragsburg forest and park, the safe bubble of the Sanctuarium treehouse on the Fragsburg cliffs and the wise and mystical power of the Castel Fragsburg Paternum knight’s castle.

Martina de Rosi accompanies you during a private lesson and combines the classical Hatha and Raja yoga.
The questions “Who am I?” and “Which potential do I have?” have been fascinating Martina De Rosi for a long time. “I am exploring these questions in the most varied ways, I love sharing my experiences with others and creating spaces in which new insights can be gained.”

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