Let's meet between heaven and earth.


Castel Fragsburg: sustainable stays in South Tyrol
A magical
4 hours
€300.00 for
one person
Castel Fragsburg: sustainable stays in South Tyrol
Expertise in herbs from a bygone era:
  • Countryside excursion
  • Tasty treats from the herbal kitchen
  • each additional person €45.00

Your sustainable holiday in South Tyrol

The term ‘biophilia’ comes from Ancient Greek: ‘Bios’ means life and ‘philia’ love. Our modern alchemist Renate De Mario Gamper will take you on a magical hike that will convey the love of life and of natural healing. It has now been scientifically proven that plants and trees communicate with and boost our immune system. Renate comes from a long line of South Tyrolean clan of women attuned to nature. She will show you how you can harness the power of nature, medicinal herbs, flowers and trees to boost your everyday health and well-being. She will reveal the secrets of age-old treatments and alternative medicines made from family recipes. A picnic with home made treats from Renate’s herbal kitchen is included.


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