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Holiday in Merano overlooking the city at the Fragsburg
stroll and
city tour
from €150.00
Holiday in Merano overlooking the city at the Fragsburg
Merano is:
  • A health resort – it received this status back in the 19th century
  • A melting pot of Mediterranean and Alpine influences
  • A city of gardens, parks and promenades

Your cultural holiday in Merano

A modern mix of culture, history, Mediterranean flair and Alpine charm gives the city in the heart of South Tyrol a levity typical within that region. Guests and locals alike can sense the joie de vivre that’s all part of the flair and are transfixed by the traditional and cultural events and the various styles of music that can be heard here. Exclusive boutiques and bars have become an integral part of the picturesque alleyways, which are also lined with magnificent historical buildings. Go for a stroll along the promenades and alleyways that carve their way through this gem of a city or walk along the Tappeiner Promenade, past the Powder Tower, taking in the enticing aromas of the public herb garden and end up at the Mediterranean terraces.

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