Let's meet between heaven and earth.

Incense ritual

Merano’s luxury hotels: far more than the standard
cleansing and
€250.00 for
one person
2 hours

Rewarding rituals at the luxury hotel in Merano

An incense ritual is a wonderful opportunity for transformation. Old information and negative energies are released using medicinal herbs. The energetic smoke and the plant’s fragrance message establish a connection between Heaven and Earth, take us away from our daily lives to the innermost spiritual realms and result in a healing effect on the body, mind and soul. Our incense expert and modern alchemist Renate can develop a personal ritual of gratitude or forgiveness or a ritual for new beginnings and vision quests tailored to your wishes and needs. Parties and family celebrations or other special moments are the perfect occasions for an incense ritual. We charge €45.00 for each additional person.


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