Let's meet between heaven and earth.


Hiking holidays in Merano start at Castel Fragsburg
three of our
favourite hikes
from the Fragsburg
into the countryside
where the moment
has meaning
Hiking holidays in Merano start at Castel Fragsburg
Hiking enables you to:
  • summon strength from your natural surroundings
  • breathe in deeply the fresh, crisp, Alpine air
  • find inner peace
  • do something good for yourself

Your special hiking holiday in Merano

At the Fragsburg Waterfall, water impresses visitors as an element of life with its elementary power and beauty. Surrounded by wild and romantic nature, the water of the tallest waterfall in South Tyrol roars and tumbles 135 metres into the depths. You can hike through apple orchards and vineyards and be in this secluded spot in 20 minutes.

There are several kilometres of hiking routes along the Waalwege paths, which have been used as an irrigation system for Alpine valleys with low rainfall since the reign of Maria Theresa. The walk along the slow-flowing water channels is a leisurely one, as there are no notable inclines. The Lagundo Waalweg is particularly worthwhile.

Surrounded by majestic spruce and larch trees, the Hirzer mountain region is a genuine hiking paradise. The paths wind scenically from meadow to meadow up to a summit 2,781 metres above sea level. Nature lovers will find their happy place here, where they can forget about the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

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