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One of the most sublime luxury hotels in South Tyrol
Fishing at
the Fragsburg
Price: from €450.00
plus licence
and day ticket

A fishing holiday at a luxury hotel in South Tyrol

It is mainly trouts and chars that splash about in the streams, rivers and mountain lakes of South Tyrol. Jaro, the most senior staff member at the Fragsburg, has a passion for fishing. He knows the best spots in South Tyrol, will take you there himself and bring along the equipment, too. He loves to take passionate anglers and those discovering the hobby for the first time to the deep blue waters of Lake Vernago at an elevation of 1,689 metres. Or to the River Passirio with its rippling and gurgling crystal-clear water – a paradise for people who enjoy fly or spin fishing. How do you hold the rod? Which bait is best? Where’s a good spot? Jaro will let you in on his passion for fishing and tell you about his love of nature and respect for animals and their habitats.

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